Welcome, and thank you for visiting our web site!  Scarpati Horsemanship is an original and creative approach to working with horses.  Started in Argentina by Oscar and Cristobal Scarpati, this training method is derived from the Ranquel indians that were native to the area.  Growing up, Oscar had the good fortune of working directly with one of these special indians, Don Cristobal Luna, and learning the principles of developing a deep and mutually respectful relationship between man and horse.  This legacy has in turn been shared with Oscar's children and countless others around the world via "Doma India Scarpati" clinics.


Our practical method is rooted in a simple yet strong philosophy:  that one can only offer his horse what one himself has.  In other words, if one wishes to tame and teach a wild horse to be strong, brave and happy, the person must first be strong, brave and happy.  This is our mission:  to help people be clear, firm, confident and relaxed leaders for their horses.


Our favorite slogan is "We tame as we live, and we live as we tame!"  The skills taught by Scarpati Horsemanship can and should be used both in and out of the corral - be it with a horse, a son, a neighbor, an employee . . . you name it.  By working with horses in the Scarpati way, one also learn how to live better - in all areas of life.

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About Us

The Scarpatis are a close-knit argentine family.  Oscar is our "senior statesman." In his late 60s, he has spent his entire life studying animal behavior, especially that of the horse.  He is especially adept working with wild horses, and even plays/dances with them in a manner that is very horse-like.  In other words, these animals recognize him almost as if he were one of their own. He understands how horses learn, and how much they are capable of learning from humans.  If we use our/human language to train horses - that being primarily repetition and sometimes a lot of repletion, the horse will eventually learn, but if we talk in their language, the horse will learn within minutes.


Cristobal is Oscar's son, and grew up watching, helping and learning from his father.  He originally planned to become a lawyer for economic reasons.  After completing six years of study in Buenos Aires though, he realized that he could live with less money, but he absolutely could not live without horses - and back to the farm he went!


Oscar and Cristobal are much more than father and son.  They are a team, they are best friends and they work together.  In their own words:  "We don't work.  We play, because life is a game and we are here to enjoy it!"


The Scarpati Family has now become "The Scarpati Tribe."  There's only one requirement for membership - to be crazy for horses, and to want the best possible relationship with horses.  Thank you for visiting.  We hope you join our tribe!

The Scarpatis


Cristobal has a beautiful way with both people and horses.  He loves everyone and very much enjoys his vocation of teaching.  With over 20 years of experience, he is an effective and pleasant communicator - with both his human as well as his equine clients!   


Oscar is a wise man, a true philosopher and an expert working with wild horses.  It is an honor to see him work, especially in the round pen, and to listen to his ideas and reflections on what is happening with himself and the horse he is working with.  There is always much to learn from Oscar!


Flor has a most loving and peaceful persona.  She is a true lover of nature, and has a very special way with horses, plants and children.  Like horses themselves, she is authentic and transparent, and enjoys sharing her respect for and knowledge of nature.


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