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Welcome, and thank you for visiting our web site!  Scarpati Horsemanship is an original and creative approach to working with horses.  Started in Argentina by the Scarpati Family, this training method is derived from the Ranquel Tribe, peoples that were native to the area.


Cristobal and his wife Flor travel the world to spread the method, sharing not just a method to train horses but also a philosophy of life were love, respect and understanding are the pillars of a happy and healthy life. 

Our practical method is rooted in a simple yet strong philosophy:  that one can only offer his horse what one himself has.  In other words, if one wishes to tame and teach a wild horse to be strong, brave and happy, the person must first be strong, brave and happy.  This is our mission:  to help people be clear, confident and relaxed leaders for their horses.


The skills taught by Scarpati Horsemanship can and should be used both in and out of the corral.  By working with horses in the Scarpati way, one also learn how to live better - in all areas of life.

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About Us

"We are what we feel. I recommend let emotions run free in the fields of life. Smile, laugh and cry, do not pretend to hide what you are feeling, horses can see behind our skin, they can see our souls when we are ourselves".



"I grew up in the countryside in Argentina, almost every morning my dad took me on a horseback ride with him to check out the cows and fences. From that time I feel horses as a part of myself, I can not imagine a world without horses. Life is giving me the chance to come back to travel to share my experience and knowledge with "horse´s soul people" like us, so I am very grateful for it.



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Cristobal and a foal, growing together
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Flor and Cristo

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Cristobal has a beautiful way with both people and horses.  With over 30 years of experience, he is an effective and pleasant communicator - with both his human as well as his equine clients!   

Flor has a most loving and peaceful persona.  She is a true lover of nature, and has a very special way with horses, plants and children.  Like horses themselves, she is authentic and transparent, and enjoys sharing her respect for and knowledge of nature.

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