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Clinics & Demos

Scarpati Clincs


Scarpati clinics are replete with interesting things to see and analyze.  In particular, our way to start young horses is very original.  We integrate a lot of skin to skin contact, much as horses do among themselves, to create a positive and comfortable connection.  As well, through years of observation, we have learned how to "play" with these young horses in the manner that they play with each other.  It's a fantastic way to build confidence based on love, respect and understanding.




During demos, we focus on how much can be achieved with the participating horses using all of our cumulative knowledge, experience and skills.  Our main goal is to share our ideas about horsemanship - how horses need to be treated and how humans can get the best from them using understanding, feeing and instinct.  It's an excellent opportunity to show how much can be achieved between horses and humans to create more harmony and cooperation within the horse/human relationship.

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